Royal Garden Honey


  • NATURALLY HEALTHY: Fadi Herbs Royal Garden Honey is 100% Pure Raw Organic Honey
  • 100% PURE: All natural. No additives, ever. Organic honey in a nipple type bottle.
  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC: By International Standard & Quality
  • OLD FASHIONED GOODNESS: Delicious, healthy alternative to white sugar as a sweetener
  • PUT A COUNTRY SMILE ON YOUR FACE: Great in tea or coffee. Spread it on biscuits and toast. Delicious straight out of the jar!

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Product Description

Royal Garden Honey

Our Naturally Healthy Royal Garden Honey 100% Raw Organic Honey is enjoyed by quality conscious, flavor connoisseurs everywhere.

If you like a stronger, more aromatic honey then this one is perfect for you. Royal Garden Honey is 100% pure honey that has a stronger, more unique flavor, than light honey.

Royal Garden Honey collected from honeybees and prepared the right way. The process is safe for the environment and adheres to the highest quality standards in industry.

So much more than just “Milk and Honey,” foodies everywhere know how wonderfully tasty and versatile Royal Garden Honey can be at home in the kitchen and on tables across the country. Honey may be used as a natural, sugar-substitute in tea, smoothies, sauces, dressings, and glazes.

Royal Garden Honey’s strong and unique flavor profile and rich texture offers a perfect baking ingredient or creative drink mixer. Honey also compliments a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and meats, including chicken, fish, and beef.

Always natural, always 100% honey, and always delicious.

Royal Garden Honey is the perfect natural sweetener, flavor enhancer, and cooking ingredient to be enjoyed by the entire family while pursuing a rich, active and healthy lifestyle. Our 100% raw honey is never diluted or blended with fillers.

Our customers trust Royal Garden Honey, and know they can serve it with confidence to their family and friends.

Nature’s quick, easy and convenient food, our honey is always “farmer’s market fresh” with a surprising touch of sophistication that will please any palate.

History Of Honey!

Honey was human’s first and most reliable source of sweetener. The oldest written reference to honey dates back to the Egyptians in 5500 B.C.E., and references to honey abound in antiquity. But honeybees are far older than human’s historical record, written or otherwise. Homo sapiens evolved 50,000 years ago; bees were making honey perhaps 40 million years before that.

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